About alliance promotion members

Alliance promotion member are senior community salesmen of Selamata. After applying to become alliance promotion member, they can promote Selamata products through their own social networks and earn profits.

First, you need to register as a selamata user, and then apply to become an alliance promotion member in the personal center. You need to provide real-name information. If you are a company, you need to provide information such as the company name and business license;

Affiliate promotion members can get their own unique sharing codes, which can generate corresponding promotion links based on products, and promotion members can spread these promotion links to various social networks or media. When users click on your promotion link to make a purchase , When the order is completed, a corresponding proportion of the profit sharing funds will be obtained.

The user can click the application withdrawal button on the account balance page. After submission, we will conduct a review operation. After approval, it will be transferred to the user's designated bank account within 2-3 working days.

About promotion

On the product detail page, you will see the price of different purchase quantity ladders. When the purchase quantity reaches the set ladder quantity, you will enjoy the corresponding wholesale price.

Simply inviting new users to register will not be rewarded. Users can share with friends with the invitation code in the user center. After your friend clicks the invitation link to complete the registration, you need to purchase any product to complete an order. The inviter and the invited talent will receive the designated reward Points can be used to deduct the price on the purchase settlement page.

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